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CDI’s work is organized under four programme areas.Each programme focuses on a number of core themes, with flagship initiatives and projects implemented to explore issues of particular importance. The flagship initiatives provide a platform for discussion on topics that require ongoing debate, while projects (which have clearly defined timelines and aim to deliver specific outputs and deliverables) change over time to reflect developments in the country.

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Public Policy

CDI regularly carries analysis of economic, political context and policy analysis in Albania. It has produced many assessments regarding public management of state institutions, agencies or public enterprises focusing on issues regarding the problems and development strategies of governmental – central and local – administration, costing, management, and operations. The common point of these activities is their expected and planned systemic impact. Through partnership with different political foundations and government structures, we are committed to apply theory into practice.

Regional Development

Since its establishment, CDI has been involved in activities aiming at better understanding the context that supports and enhances regional development and reduces socio-economic disparities between different areas. In this field we have been focused in the sectors of employment and wealth-generating economic activities in the municipalities. CDI has been very active in the Territorial and Administrative Reform of 2015, and then in promoting and applying the innovative concepts of “functional area” and “metabolism” in the socio-economic development strategy of the new municipalities. On a Western Balkans level, we have been focusing on the role that investments in connectivity infrastructure have in the local development and economic growth of the connected regions. CDI is actively following and monitoring the impact of the connectivity projects developed under the Berlin Process approach.

Social Cohesion

Prosperity and stability in Albania and in the Western Balkans can be achieved only by a joint focus on economic and social questions within the framework of a new policy approach based on social cohesion. A new social and economic model needs to be implemented in Albania. Cooperation and Development Institute believes that this social model should promote progressive taxation and social protection programmes designed to reduce income and wealth inequalities. Fiscal transparency and open governance are the first steps towards building institutions that enable citizen participation in decision-making. Furthermore, Education system reform is a necessary condition for productivity growth and shifting towards an added value economy. A proper education reform process must introduce an integrated education system based on Western European models.

European Integration

CDI regularly participates in the EU integration activities in Albania and in the Western Balkans region. Our focus here is the cross-border and inter-regional cooperation, as well as other integration issues such as socio-economic convergence criteria, economic governance, FDI and social cohesion. CDI has first-hand expertise on IPA programs and IPA project implementation. It has a large network of partners in the country, in the Western Balkans region and in EU.