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Duration: April 2013 – January 2014

CuriaWeb ( ) is the public forum of ShtetiWeb. It is hosted by ShtetiWeb and the themes it deals with are consistent with ShtetiWeb problematic.

The goal of CuriaWeb is to start the debate, to stimulate it, to support an all-compassing consultation process over a specific theme regarding the Albanian state institutions and public policies, to take into account the contribution of citizens & experts, and to incorporate it in a single document for the use of the relevant institutions.

Based on information technology, CuriaWeb aims to increase transparency of public debate through active involvement of citizens, experts, organizations – private or public – in the process of drafting, adoption, implementation, monitoring, evaluation of the actions of the state and public policies.

Through CuriaWeb public institutions will have an additional tool to get acknowledged with public opinion, and especially with expert opinion, on issues regarding public policies, legislation and other state-related attributes & actions.

At the end of each web-forum, CuriaWeb will produce a Green Paper, authored by selected experts of the thematic and based on the input received by the contributors, and will publish it as well as distribute it to the interested state institutions.

The final result of the public consultation will be a better knowledge from the public opinion of a selected public action. This will take the form of a final document called “Green Paper” which will include opinions, suggestions, advice received by the public – being they citizens, companies, institutions, NGOs, or individual experts.


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