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CDI regularly carries analysis of economic, political context and policy analysis in Albania. It has produced many assessments regarding public management of state institutions, agencies or public enterprises focusing on issues regarding the problems and development strategies of governmental – central and local – administration, costing, management, and operations. The common point of these activities is their expected and planned systemic impact. Through partnership with different political foundations and government structures, we are committed to apply theory into practice.

Integrity Compliance: Setting the Example with Advanced Standards

This innovative initiative aims to promote the integrity and implementation of good governance practices in the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure of Albania.Read more
Assessment of the inter-institutional cooperation in the field of anti-corruption

Justice reform is of key importance in Albania in its path to European Union. In this framework, Cooperation and Development Institute will contribute by assessing the inter-institutional cooperation in Albania in the fight against corruption. Read more
Study on Corruption in Albania

In the framework of the “​Preliminary Study on Corruption in Albania”, C​ooperation and ​Development I​nstitute​ will conduct a study which aims to identify the features of corruption and its perception in Albania. According to the 2015 European Commission Progress Report, corruption remains widespread in Albania​,​ despite the adoption of a new anti-corruption strategy and action plan. ... Read more
PERFORM – Performing and Responsive Social Sciences

PERFORM focuses its interventions on three outcome areas:

1. Strengthening of the social science community by facilitating the development of stronger organizational structures within the social sciences. Such structure should contribute to knowledge-sharing and improvement ... Read more
Survey on the democratic processes within the main Albanian parties

The development of the democratic processes in a society is closely related to the functioning of the internal democracy of the political parties. Read more
Supporting Transparency of Public Action in Albania

The overall goal is to create, maintain, enrich and promote the Repository of Albanian Public Action (RAPA) with the aim of building a publicly accessible memory of Public Acton in Albania.... Read more

The goal of CuriaWeb is to start the debate, to stimulate it, to support an all-compassing consultation process over a specific theme regarding the Albanian state institutions and public policies, to take into account the contribution of citizens & experts, and to incorporate it in a single document for the use of the relevant institutions.... Read more

ShtetiWeb gives a special importance to the academic function of information classified on this site. Under this view, the lectures of most prestigious Albanian teachers and professors fulfill the function of knowledge transfer related to the state through the most important concepts state issues....Read more
High level EU project development in Bruges, Belgium


Development and delivering of EU program management and adult learning. CDI expert developed the subject of Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework Matrix and held a five-day simulation game on the subject of International Cooperation Grants.... Read more
Capital market in Albania and preparation of the share companies to be quoted in the Stock Exchange

Objective of the project:

Training of shared companies on rules and procedures of quotation in the Stock Exchange of Tirana, capacity building on functioning of stock exchanges and financial instruments and Tirana Stock Exchange in particular. ... Read more