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CDI regularly participates in the EU integration activities in Albania and in the Western Balkans region. Our focus here is the cross-border and inter-regional cooperation, as well as other integration issues such as socio-economic convergence criteria, economic governance, FDI and social cohesion. CDI has first-hand expertise on IPA programs and IPA project implementation. It has a large network of partners in the country, in the Western Balkans region and in EU.

CDI is a member of the National Council of European Integration, the highest national advisory structure regarding European Integration process in Albania set up by the Parliament of Albania.

Applying Sector Approach to Civil Society Contribution in EU Integration of Albania (CONNECT)

As Albania moves forward in its EU integration path, the process so far has underlined the need for the active engagement of all actors from different sectors...Read more
Preparing and Supporting Albania for EU Accession Process

As Albania moves forward in its EU integration path, the process so far has underlined the need for the active engagement of all actors from different sectors. Institutional capacity during...Read more
Civil Society Forum Tirana of the Western Balkan Summit Series

The Tirana Forum focused on the importance of the enlargement process of the six countries of the Western Balkans (WB6) to the EU, in which were largely discussed the four main topics:...Read more
Democracy in progress: Shadow Progress Report on political Copenhagen criteria in Western Balkans EU candidate states

The project aims to produce a shadow report on the political Copenhagen criteria in Western Balkans EU candidate states. This publication will represent an alternative progress report produced by the civil society and address issues currently neglected in the European Commission’s progress report...Read more
WB6 Civil Society Active Participation the Berlin Process – Preparation of the Shadow Report of the Berlin Process

The goal of the project is to hold the Albanian government accountable on its participation to the Berlin Process. The Shadow Report will contribute to support and enhance the procedure of project preparation for the Connectivity Agenda (mostly in infrastructure projects in Energy & Transport).... Read more
Enhancing Regional Youth Connectivity

Youth is often perceived throughout the Western Balkans as the generation of citizens that should play the role of the agent of change in the region. Considering the embedded potential, regional youth cooperation is on the spotlight of the ‘Berlin Process’... Read more
Monitoring Economic Governance and Connectivity 2020

European Union new approach to the Western Balkans involves credible reform programmes, economic governance and enhanced monitoring by the EU. Read more
Observatory of Regional Integration

This project aims to establish a platform for the observation, empirical data collection, analysis and promotion of the regional integration in the context of cross-border, trans-national and inter-regional cooperation of Albania. Read more
Window on Europe

The goal is to provide an analytic view of the developments in Europe that affect Albania, explain and comment them for a maximum of understanding and impact for the interested spectator. Read more
High level EU project development in Bruges, Belgium


Development and delivering of EU program management and adult learning...Read more