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Prosperity and stability in Albania and in the Western Balkans can be achieved only by a joint focus on economic and social questions within the framework of a new policy approach based on social cohesion. A new social and economic model needs to be implemented in Albania. Cooperation and Development Institute believes that this social model should promote progressive taxation and social protection programmes designed to reduce income and wealth inequalities. Fiscal transparency and open governance are the first steps towards building institutions that enable citizen participation in decision-making. Furthermore, Education system reform is a necessary condition for productivity growth and shifting towards an added value economy. A proper education reform process must introduce an integrated education system based on Western European models.
The projects and initiatives implemented in this programme area aim to develop policy recommendations for achieving a positive social and economic change.

Leaving, landing, returning: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Cooperation and Development Institute is the Albanian partner of the project “Leaving, landing, returning: yesterday, today, tomorrow”. This project aims to promote the culture of human rights
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Trilateral Exchange Initiative "Ideas and Action for Europe: Energy and Environment in the 21st Century”

Cooperation and Development Institute and its partners Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE), Association Bourgogne Balkans Express, Environnment Sciences Po, with the support of the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ/DFJW)
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Monitoring the migration to Germany 2014-2016, and returnee reintegration context

This project aims to provide a general overview on the migration phenomenon of Albanian asylum-seekers in Germany during 2014-2016, and the reintegration status and respective policies carried out up-to-date in Albania.
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Western Balkan Youth Cooperation Platform (BYCP)

This project, part of the Berlin Process Series, aims to enhance regional youth cooperation through establishing a collaboration platform among youngsters and youth organizations in Albania and Serbia.
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Management of migration fluxes in Albania: Analysis and strategy for solution

The objective of the initiative is the conduction of a research study concerning the most important migratory fluxes which actually affect social peace and economic development in Albania:Read more
Albanian youngsters get to know the Regional Youth Cooperation Office

This project aims to inform and raise awareness of Albanian youngsters on the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO).
In the framework of this project will be conducted:
1. Study on the historic context, process of establishment, objectives and structure of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office: a) identification and gathering of qualitative and quantitative data as agreements, declarations, official reports etc. regarding the establishment of RYCO;

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Enhancing Regional Youth Connectivity

Youth is often perceived throughout the Western Balkans as the generation of citizens that should play the role of the agent of change in the region. Considering the embedded potential, regional youth cooperation is on the spotlight of the ‘Berlin Process’ ... Read more
European Intercultural Education towards a New Era of Understanding

– To strengthen youth leaders, youth advisors and project managers working in the field of youth’s participatory attitude and key competences, while exploring intercultural relations and new socio-political perspectives; Read more
Career Advisory

The aim of the project is to conduct a Survey of a representative sample of 800 enterprises all over Albania registered with the National Employment Services (NES) to identify their needs on qualifications; ...Read more
Proposal for the establishment of a cross-border Adriatic clinical network of centers for medically assisted reproduction and regenerative medicines. (FUTURE MEDICINE)

The project aims to establish excellence centers on the study and treatment of infertility in couples and first level centers of adults stem cells.
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Strengthening the Identity of Minority People Leads to Equality (SIMPLE)

SIMPLE aims to set the ground for shared methodologies and practices aiming at improving the social cohesion in the partner Countries through the strengthening of cultural diversity values, in order to improve the life quality and the attractiveness of the Adriatic Region.Read more
Building an economic model for the provision of social services

The project aims to produce a modelised platform to deal with the self-development and / or civic sensibilisation for active women, and especially the sub-group of Roma and Egyptian women. Read more
Consulting Center for people in need

Specific objectives:

• To offer social services for families, with special attention to third-age people;
• To offer working advice for the many unemployed people of this area;
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