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Since its establishment, CDI has been involved in activities aiming at better understanding the context that supports and enhances regional development and reduces socio-economic disparities between different areas. In this field we have been focused in the sectors of employment and wealth-generating economic activities in the municipalities. CDI has been very active in the Territorial and Administrative Reform of 2015, and then in promoting and applying the innovative concepts of “functional area” and “metabolism” in the socio-economic development strategy of the new municipalities. On a Western Balkans level, we have been focusing on the role that investments in connectivity infrastructure have in the local development and economic growth of the connected regions. CDI is actively following and monitoring the impact of the connectivity projects developed under the Berlin Process approach.


Excerpts from the sixth transnational meeting of PoWER Project

The 6th transnational meeting of POWER project took place in Novi Sad - Serbia on 5-6 of November. The 2-day meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the project achievements and assessment of its progress. Read more

South Adriatic Connectivity Project – Launching Event, May 29

SOUTH – ADRIATIC CONNECTIVITY GOVERNANCE (SAGOV) initiative officially kick-started on May 29 in Tirana. The launching event brought all the partners together with main stakeholders from Italy, Albania and Montenegro. Read more


Supported by: INTERREG IPA Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme

Project duration: April 2018 – March 2020

SOUTH – ADRIATIC CONNECTIVITY GOVERNANCE (SAGOV) aims to promote connectivity networks in the South Adriatic Area (SA), with a focus on transport infrastructure. Read more
Ports as Driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm (PoWER)

Supported by: ADRION Programme

Project duration:01.01.2018 – 31.12.2019

PoWER aims to support the evolution of ports into Innovation Hubs, able to act as new transmission belts between regions, and to exploit their untapped entrepreneurial potential.Read more
Good Economic Governance for the Improvement of the Investment Climate in Albania / ProInvest

In the framework of the project “Good Economic Governance for the Improvement of the Investment Climate in Albania/ProInvest”, CDI will carry out the assignment “Mapping of the FDI supporting Programmes in Albania”.Read more
Workforce snapshot analysis of water companies in the light of territorial and administrative reform

The territorial reform directly affects the Water Companies in Albania. From around 300 units, the new division of territory brings their number down to 61, which corresponds, to one company per new Municipality.Read more
Supporting Harmonious local development in the new Durrës Municipality through promotion of inland and rural areas

1. Promotion of the tourist profile of inland & rural areas of New Durrës Municipality;
2. Increased economic support for population through income generation from local activitiesRead more
Preparation of the Functional Area Programme (FAP) of the New Municipality of Durres

The main aim of the assignment is the preparation of the Socio-Economic Analysis of the New Municipality of Durres (Functional Area Programme) that has to serve as a regional development plan for the new region of Durres after the implementation of the Territorial Administrative Reform (TAR) in Albania.Read more
Promoting Connectivity of Internet Broadband in the Accursed Mountain Border Area

The project “Promoting Connectivity of Internet Broadband in the Accursed Mountain Border Area” is financed by EU funded IPA CBC Programme Albania-Montenegro 2007-2013 and is intended to provide a development framework and establish best examples on how to bridge the digital ... Read more
Preparation of a Concept Education Document on Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation for Prespa National Park in Albania (PNP)

The objective of the project is to create a concept for environmental education in the National Park Prespa based on the biodiversity and cultural and environmental assets of the Park. Read more
Transparency of local administration and forums of civil and business communities in the Region of Korça

General Objective:

Involvement of the community in the decision making processes Read more
Statute and structures of local government bodies

General Objective:

The project goal is to introduce in the Manual and the Statute of local government units based on the best local government European experience, by specifically focusing on the new administration concepts and procedures in line with law no. 8652 and the European Charter of Local Autonomy.Read more
Challenges of the investments in Albania, 1991-2000


Organization of a national Forum with the participation of the best experts of the strategic sectors of the Albanian Economy..Read more
For more effective methods and politics for increasing the Competitive capacity of the Albanian agrarian-alimentary Products in the home and foreign market
Support to Regional Development Planning in Region of Fier, Berat, Korce and Lezhe

Main Objective:

Create and strengthen the capacity of local authorities involved in regional development planning at Regional level. Read more