PPE Health Portal


Period: 6 months

PPE-HEALTH-PORTAL – Portal implementation for sharing information about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), manufacturers and telemedicine providers at benefit of local institutions in non EU-CEI Member States who deals procurement for hospitals, and Transfer of best practice and tools for fighting Covid19 sanitary emergency.
In the context of exhausted healthcare systems from dealing with a global pandemic such as Covid-19, a very relevant problem emerged such as the difficulty of hospitals, clinics and private centers in the procurement of medical equipment to protect and support medical professionals. During this period, institutions have faced difficulties in the procurement of PPE due to disruptions in the supply chain and due to high demand as the number of infected patients continues to grow exponentially. Therefore, the procurement of PPE equipment, the identification of innovative solutions for telemedicine and the diffusion of AI and ICT solutions are essential for the protection and support of health workers, protecting them from exposure to Covid19 and controlling the virus spread.
In this framework, the main objectives of this project are:

  1. To select the companies operating in the PPE and telemedicine sectors of the EU countries and in the non-EU CEI countries, in order to create a reference portal in which to share information about the manufacturing companies, products, production capacities, contact person, in order to optimize supply and demand for PPE products and telemedicine services;
  2. to identify and transfer the best production conversion experiences from EU companies to companies belonging to non EU CEI Member States and operating in the same applicative sectors, interested in sharing the solutions proposed to reconvert their production or make improvements in the production process of PPE.

Main project activities will consist in:

  • Supporting the sharing of information regarding the capacity production of PPE manufactures and about those companies who are going to reconvert the productive process to PPE at benefit of local (non EU CEI Member States) Institution for Hospitals, clinics;
  • Promoting technology knowledge transfer to non EU CEI Member States companies through webinars or video links, technical interviews to EU SMEs, and Health Cluster experts;
  • Enhancing knowledge and information of non EU CEI Member States PPE manufactures and potential manufacturers;
  • Promoting cooperation between companies from EU and non-EU CEI Member States, in the sector of PPE production and telemedicine.