Supported by: INTERREG IPA Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme

Project duration: April 2018 – December 2020

SOUTH – ADRIATIC CONNECTIVITY GOVERNANCE (SAGOV) aims to promote connectivity networks in the South Adriatic Area (SA), with a focus on transport infrastructure. The project will provide an example of integrated governance regarding the policy-making on strategic projects such as connectivity in the SA.

Montenegro and Albania are already invested in infrastructure connectivity through transport corridors under the Berlin Process, however there is a need for more strategic planning and coordination between multi-actors of the three countries on projects concerning the transport in SA. SAGOV will specifically focus on increasing the efficiency of existing Connectivity coordination mechanisms-at policy and project level- and pioneering new ones.

Project Outputs:

  • a comprehensive South Adriatic Connectivity Initiatives Map;
  • a pilot on Transport connectivity and tool-box;
  • new approach in connectivity based on higher stakeholder interaction and coordination
  • critical mass of transferable connectivity know-how and skills

SAGOV project partners are:

  • Cooperation and Development Institute (Lead Partner)
  • Albanian Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
  • Montenegrin Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs
  • Region of Puglia
  • European Movement in Montenegro
  • Project associated partners are:
  • Albanian Ministry of Finance and Economy
  • Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport – Coast Guard Headquarters

More information on the project can be found in the project website and in the project Facebook page.