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September 5, 2012
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January 8, 2013

Citizen Movements and environmental protection in Albania

Analysis Report

Mr. Ardian Hackaj and Mrs. Bendis Bocari from Cooperation and Development Institute have published on the “Environment Now” Magazine an analysis report titled “Citizen movements and environmental protection in Albania”.

This analysis explains that in Albania, many environmental decisions are made at the central level of government. Although national legislation allows citizens to participate in decision-making, this is not the case. Influencing decision-making is a real challenge for citizens and local communities, especially when they are most affected by these decisions.

In these cases, civic movements contribute to a healthy civil society and a better connection between individuals in society and in the state. In Albania, civic movements are new phenomena, arising mainly from the reactions of different communities, in protest against environmental pollution with detrimental effects on the protester.

This publication is available in Albanian Language only.

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