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May 1, 2013
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July 11, 2013

5 June 2013

Cooperation and Development Institute launches the new initiative “Draw me the Economy”

On 5 June 2013, Cooperation and Development Institute signed a cooperation agreement for the application of modern pedagogical tools in education with SYDO Company, based in Lyon. This agreement encompasses the preparation of Albanian-language animated videos that explain the key concepts of a functioning state.

Initially drawing videos will focus on explaining economic concepts through the column “Draw me the Economy”. Every day we hear and read about the public debt, monetary policy, the competitive advantages, taxation policy, but how much do we understand them? Based on the technique of real time video drawing, the educational process is simple: in three minutes the concept is explained and illustrated thus enabling its acquisition and memorizing from the public.

In the “Draw me the Economy” video creation and preparation pedagogic specialists, economists and teachers participate and they check and approve the concept. Videos cartoons are published on the prestigious journal “Le Monde” on the third Thursday of each month.

Through the cooperation with SYDO company, Cooperation and Development Institute will implement this innovative initiative in the field of public information aiming to inform citizens about public policy and the functioning of the state in general. The first fruit of this collaboration is the drawing video “Competitive Advantage”. We wish you a pleasant view and welcome any suggestions enriching and making more useful this initiative.

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