Training “Webpage management and promotion of the business through social media”

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April 8, 2015
Career Advisory
April 18, 2015

Cooperation and Development Institute organized the training “Webpage management and promotion of the business through social media” which took place in Shkoder on April 9-10th. This training was designed after a needs analysis of internet and social media usage by the 21 local beneficiaries of the project.

The beneficiaries were interviewed for the purposes of the definition of the specific needs for training. These beneficiaries are representatives of the communes, information points, schools and guest-houses in the Accursed Mountains. The two-days training aimed at increasing their capacities in the creation, management and update process of the websites, and in the promotion of the touristic and public services through the use of the social media.

This training is a preparatory phase before the final beneficiaries are provided with a one-year service based on internet use (Bi-lingual webpages, management and maintenance service, installment of internet service, as well as computers). This phase will be soon implemented by the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration.

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