EIRENE – European Intercultural Education towards a New Era of Understanding
December 6, 2015
Berlin Process, Connectivity Agenda, Institutional Governance
How ‘Berlin Process’ will affect Albania’s economic position?
January 8, 2016

From 5th to 13th December, in Palermo, Italy, took place the Training Course “EIRENE – European Intercultural Education towards a New Era of Understanding”. This training was addressed to youth workers, youth leaders, youth advisors and project managers working in the youth field. The project funded by the Erasmus+, gathered participants coming from 17 different countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Slovak Republic, Macedonia, Turkey, UK, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia). CDI was a partner of this project, and brought its best research experience in the field of EU projects focusing on social cohesion and recently in youth cooperation within the Berlin Process.

All the participants actively participated in the following non formal education activities:

– Creative intercultural exchange of opinions, views and experiences about cultural backgrounds, social cohesion aspects, like peace and intercultural dialogue, expressed through non formal education;
– Theoretical and practical sessions of the approach of nonviolence; design and creation of a “Log-book”
– Interactive workshops on peace building, mediation and communication.

Click here for more information about the project.

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