A Mapping and Comparative Assessment of Youth Organizations in the Western Balkans
October 9, 2016
Factsheet Comprehending Albanian migration to Germany: 2014-2016
October 11, 2016
october 2016


Working Paper

The following working paper, elaborated by a high professional scientist team of the “Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI) / ShtetiWeb” supported by the Tirana-office of the Hanns- Seidel Foundation (HSF), aims at fill in this apparent gap.

The study investigates in a paramount and comprehensive level the external pull factors and internal push-factors of the Albanian case of emigration wave to Germany and contributes therefore by its “lesson-learnt” to some improvement of understanding of the phenomenon and better tool of solving the situation.

The contents of the following study as part of the CDI-HSS “Berlin Process-Series-working papers” provides some scientific illumination and analysis of the Albanian generally migrant profile, analysis of the Albanian migrant experiences in the destiny-country Germany and also analysis of the perspectives of Albanian migrants after their return in the origin-country after having been rejected their asylum application, because they are regarded mainly as only “jobseekers”, expecting and wishing better living conditions.

The study is finally completed by some institutional and legal framework context on the reintegration topic and by special conclusions and policy recommendations. The study took place from April until October 2016 and the draft publication was presented by some joint CDI-HSF “round-table” discussion in Tirana on 16th of December 2016 to some public audience and to media, which were very interested in the topic.

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