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March 8, 2017
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March 30, 2017
March 2017

Disconnected: Return from Germany and Reintegration Challenges of Albania Asylum Seekers

Working Paper

This is the 3rd CDI Working Paper analyzing Migration and it focuses on the return and reintegration of Albanian migrants logging an asylum seeker request in Germany in the period 2014-
2016, and subsequently returned to Albania.

It is primarily focused on the topic of return and reintegration of Albanian migrants, depicting, describing and analysing the path from asylum seeker requests in Germany in the period of 2014 to 2016 with all relevant expectations, challenges and constraints until the subsequent resettlement into Albania with all combined problems, difficulties and disappointments, which became evident when back in the homeland.

The study is characterized by methodology of scientific approach and is enriched by many case-examples and interviews, drawing a vivid picture of the past and present situation.

The contents of the following study as part of the CDI-HSF “Berlin process-series-working papers” concretely provide some scientific documented illumination and analysis of the Albanian generally migrant-profile, describe the Albanian migrant experiences in the destiny country Germany and give also some analysis of the perspectives of Albanian migrants after their return and reintegration into the society of the origin- country after having been rejected their asylum application.

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