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May 19, 2017
Reflection Forum: “The Western Balkans in the European Union: Perspectives of a region in Europe?”
July 3, 2017

Cooperation and Development Institute organized in Tirana, on 15th June 2017, the “Breakfast Talk” entitled “The contribution of civil society to the progress in democracy”, in the framework of the regional project “Progress in democracy” supported by European Fund for the Balkans.
In this meeting were discussed the key issues concerning the fulfillment of the political criteria such as democracy and performance in the election processes, functioning of legislative power and the supervising role on public activity fields, transparency in governance and good-governance in general, civil society’s fields of activities , practice on the freedom of speech etc.

This meeting was attended by representatives of civil society organizations, actives in the field of political criteria (democracy, rule of law, parliament, media, etc.). Mr. Afrim Krasniqi, from the Albanian Institute of Political Studies, emphasized that the political parties are the weak points of the functional democracy, and in case these parties were not functional, the system will be non-functional too. Mr. Krasniqi also stressed out that successful reforms could be achieved only through transparency and decriminalization.

Mr. Besmir Beja, from Lex Ferenda, highlighted the need to enhance the culture of civil society, who is determined to fight for its own causes. This concept would prepare us not to wait for a given democracy by the EU, added Mr. Beja.

Mrs. Enkelejda Bregu, from the EU Delegation to Albania, underlined that the EU programs in Albania and in the region are mainly focused on the involvement of the civil society in all the democratic processes, and recently the EU has opened several calls addressed to the civil society regarding its engagement in the support of the political dialogue on relevant reforms. While, Mrs. Elira Canga, from the OSCE Mission in Albania, mentioned the role of OSCE’s field of activities in support to the freedom of the press (debate platforms, reformation of ART (Albanian Radio-Television), the support of civil society), as well as the development of a professional and balanced media.

This meeting also served as a reflection on future challenges for a functional democracy in Albania.

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