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September 10, 2019
Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands signed the Memorandum of Cooperation in the framework of the “Integrity Compliance“ project
October 25, 2019

10 October 2019

This week we organized the meeting of the Local Committee set up under the Power- Ports as driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm – PoWER project – with representatives from local and central institutions, academia, civil society and experts of transport and energy.

CDI project team emphasized that one of the innovative approaches that the PoWER project brings, is the involvement of many stakeholders from different sectors and institutions in the development of energy development scenarios of Durres Port. Especially, high schools and universities students have been an active part of the project exercise to map and collect innovative solutions from the community itself to address the energy needs of the Port.

To discuss the findings and recommendations CDI invited to be part in this committee representatives from Universiteti “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Fakulteti i Ekonomise, Universiteti i Tiranes, Bashkia Durres, Kongresi Rinor Kombëtar, Agjencia Kombëtare e Burimeve Natyrore – AKBN faqja zyrtare, Shoqata Kombëtare Shqiptare e Transportuesve Ndërkombëtarë Rrugorë- ANALTIR Association, etc. All participants agreed to further cooperate in adopting the Durres Port Local Development Agreement and promote the results of the project, one of them being the Local Strategic Outlook for Durres Port presented by CDI experts at this meeting. The objectives of this Local Strategic Outlook are:

  • to improve the efficiency of port-related activities;
  • to facilitate growth by applying best practices in management and policy-making;
  • to implement latest trends in energy use and energy efficiency;
  • protect the environment and minimize pollution;
  • increase transport flexibility and security.

Power- Ports as driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm is a European Project funded under the Interreg V B ADRION Programme. The project aims to test a methodology for supporting the evolution of Adrion ports into Innovation Hubs in six piloting ports, including Durres Port in.

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