Tirana Connectivity Forum on Media: the event that brings together the most prominent experts on Connectivity

Press Release | #TCF2020 to take place online
September 15, 2020
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November 2, 2020
1 October 2020

The coordinator of Tirana Connectivity Forum (TCF) and the Director of Research at Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI) spoke yesterday for Ilva Now Tv program at Euronews Albania, regarding the 6th edition of the only event that covers connectivity, reforms and enlargement in the South Eastern Europe region.

As Mr. Hackaj explained, for the first time, this forum will take place under the extraordinary conditions of a global pandemic, which will be exactly the focus of the talks of this event, where important speakers will not be missing. The Forum is organized, coordinated and administered by Cooperation and Development Institute in Tirana with the support of the three German political foundations such as Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSS) and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), under the auspices of the German Presidency of the Council of the EU.

“It is the first case when these three German foundations come together for an event,” said Mr. Hackaj.

He also added that this event gathers experts from all over the world, by making Tirana, the capital of our country, a center for Connectivity.

“We will have President Romano Prodi talking about the interconnection between Italy and the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. On the first day of the Forum, we will have as a Keynote Speaker Mr. Olivér Várhelyi the Commissioner for Enlargement and many others experts taking about connectivity in transport, energy, perople-to-people, digital etc.,” concluded Mr. Hackaj.

The full interview can be found here.

The forum will be livestream at Euronews Albania YouTube channel and also on CDI’s social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

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