Roundtable “Making New Justice Institutions Resilient”

Online Seminar “Takeaways from Sofia Summit on Growth, Sustainability and Resilience in SEE6”
November 24, 2020
Resilience and Sustainability of Regional Cooperation Initiatives in SEE6
December 11, 2020

24 November 2020

Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI) organized on 24 November, the roundtable “Making New Justice Institutions Resilient”.

“Fixing up a car while speeding up” was the figure of speech used in this roundtable to describe the challenges of good governance that new Justice Reform institutions are facing during their first months of operations.

The need to deliver while still in their infancy, remarkably high public expectancies, daily challenges with recruitments, office infrastructure or finance, over-regulation, transparency and communication have marked the inception phase of new institutions.

Nevertheless, frontloading Justice Reform has made Albania a Reform Frontrunner in South-East Europe Six (SEE6). The next step to take are to:

  • solidify the current accomplishments in their daily functioning;
  • increase their resilience and;
  • translate those achievements in better services for citizens and in a quicker EU Enlargement progress.

Following the publication of “Enlargement in SEE6 and Country Reforms: the Justice Reform in Albania as a case Study”, and together with Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) Think Tank, CDI is using the ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ approach to continue identify and assess features of the selected new or re-established structures belonging to the positive core of justice sector reform, such as vision, values, embedded knowledge, learning processes, organizational achievements, availability of technical and financial resources, efficacy, accountability, transparency and integrity.

This round table aimed to take stock of the current situation of new Justice reforms structures, by identifying good governance best practices and challenges that impact their throughput legitimacy and resilience. It was organized in the framework of the Matra project “Preparing and Supporting Albania for EU Accession process” supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania and implemented by CDI.

The discussion took place in a new collaborative format, where the Heads and/or representatives of the new or re-established key justice institutions and experts from key civil society organizations and Think Tanks active in the Rule of Law area provided their analysis of the situation and the way forward.

CDI is highly grateful for their contribution to the Dutch Ambassador Guusje Korthals Altes, the Heads and representatives of the High Judicial Council, Constitutional Court, SPAK, High Prosecutorial Council,  Albanian Helsinki Committee; Institute for Political Studies; Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance and Center for European Policy Studies, for their important insights on the intricacies of the Justice Reform, and all attendees that followed this event.

To consult the agenda of the event, please click here.

The findings will be incorporated in an upcoming publication.

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