About the Regional Cooperation Initiatives (RCI) Database

Regional cooperation constitutes a cornerstone of European Union policy towards the South East Europe. The number of Regional Cooperation Initiatives has experienced fluctuations in numbers over time, but also enhanced results in terms of regional cooperation and this is to a certain extent linked to the political momentum, will, and leadership of the local elites, accompanied also by favorable international participation, primarily from the side of the EU and its member states.

Cooperation and Development Institute has carried out extensive research to map the regional cooperation initiatives, where at least two South East European Six countries are part of. We have identified at least 60 regional cooperation platforms.

To read more about the research methodology which led to the Regional Cooperation Initiatives (RCI) Database read HERE.

You may consult the RCI database by filtering them according to one or more of features filters: Participating Countries, Area of Cooperation and Stakeholders Membership.

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