Europe and the Western Balkans: Approximation or Alienation?

Territorial Administrative Reform based on the consultation with citizens
March 7, 2014
“Presentation of the Programming Idea and Process of Functional Areas”
September 1, 2014

In the framework of activities regarding the integration of the Western Balkans in the EU, on 26th of Aug. in Berlin, Friedrich Ebert Foundation organizes a workshop on “Europe and the Western Balkans: Approximation or Alienation?”

With the participation of Members of German Parliament and two selected contributions from Western Balkans, the workshop is focused on reconciliation and regional cooperation and on the current challenges of development of democracy and the rule of law.

Cooperation and Development Institute will present the assessment: “Democracy and Rule by Law in Albania”. The complete text will go online on the 26th Aug. after 16.00 hs.


The speech by the representative of CDI

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