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September 23, 2014
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October 11, 2014
Society, Economy,Local development
December 2014

Internet Broadband access, functioning and connection state of arts in the Accursed Mountains

Study Report

Society, Economy,Local development

This study was prepared as part of the project “Promoting Internet Broadband in the Accursed Mountains”, implemented by the Minister of State for Innovation and Administration and Cooperation and Development Institute, and funded by the European Union under the IPA instrument, Albania-Montenegro cross-border cooperation programme.

The study consists of four chapters:
1. “Overall assessment of the socio-economic development of the area, geographical position and terrain, area demographics, state of mountain tourism and the prospect of its development through broadband access and broadband internet connection”.
2. “Preparing the list of broadband internet operators and providers in the selected area, evaluating the existing legal framework and policy documents with suggestions for their improvement, identifying the synergies of using broadband internet to enhance cross-border cooperation in exchanges of tourists and increasing trade exchanges.”
3. “Broadband Internet Services in the Accursed Mountains.
4. “Financing Broadband Internet in the Alps”.

The process of preparing this study group was led by Ms. Anis Lamllari, Project Director for the first three chapters, and by Ms. Krisela Hackaj for the fourth chapter.

This study report is in Albanian language only.

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