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October 11, 2014
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December 8, 2014

The Project SIMPLE (Strengthening the Identity of Minority People Leads to Equality) is evaluated with the price project of the week from the EU Enlargement Directorate of the European Commission as one of the best projects financed by the Instrument for Pre- accession Assistance IPA. SIMPLE promotes multi-culturalism based on the recognition of diversity and the strengthening of minority identity. The aim of the project is to present some flexible models of good governance and service provision to overcome the difficulties that minorities face as the exclusions from the labor market, social services, education and also the relations that they have with the majority.

The project started in March 2011 and ended in February 2014. The project has being implemented in Albania by the Cooperation and Development Institute in partnership with other institutional stakeholders from five countries: Croatia, Albania, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia. The project has led to the preparation of the Blueprint for the Adriatic Observatory on Minority Communities, launched at the Adriatic Intercultural Day in early 2014 and aimed at advancing the Adriatic Action Plan for monitoring the conditions of the minorities.

The results of the project:

– 5 thematic guidelines and national pilots for innovative improvements to the condition of minorities in relation to (i) language; (ii) education; (iii) fair representation in media; (iv) employment and local development; (v) diverse forms of discrimination against minority women
– 5 cycles of transnational training on creating and realizing innovative solutions and services for the issues confronting minorities
– 5 national sensitisation campaigns
– analysis of the condition of minorities in five Adriatic countries and preparation of indicators for evaluating progress in minority rights

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