Decentralization, Local Development, Economy
Territorial Strategy 2015-2030, Durrës Municipality
February 8, 2016
Call for candidates for the position of “Project Manager”
March 30, 2016

PERFORM (Performing and Responsive Social Sciences) and RRPP (Regional Research Promotion Programme) are organizing a workshop on “Building capacities of Social Science Research Science in Albania for Policy Impact Assessment and Evidence-Informed Policy Making”.

The workshop will take place on 10-11 March 2016 in Tirana, Albania. It aims to present the latest methodologies, tools and approaches for Policy Impact Analysis (PIA) and Evidence Informed Policy Making (EIPM).

The workshop will be moderated by two professors from University of Zurich and will be attended by public officials from the Strategic Planning Unit of the Albanian Prime Minister’s Office, the Albanian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and selected social science researchers.
The call is now open to (only) Albanian social science researchers. The deadline for applications is 29 February 2016.
For more, please find attached the Call for Participation.

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