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February 3, 2016
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February 18, 2016
Decentralization, Local Development, Economy
February 2016


Working document

Decentralization, Local Development, Economy

The Municipality of Durres, within the framework of Law No. 107 / dated 31.07.2014, “On Territorial Planning” has undertaken the initiative of drafting the Territorial Strategy 2015-2030. The Local Government Unit's Territorial Strategy is the highest planning tool of the territory. It reflects the vision, priorities, objectives, ways and expected results of socio-economic development at the local level.

Also the “Territorial Strategy 2015-2030” reflects and breaks down at local level the priorities of the “National Strategy for Development and Integration 2015-2020”, as well as all mandatory provisions deriving from the National General Plan, National Territorial Strategic Plans, and Local Plans Affecting the Development of Durres Municipality Territory.

The aim of the Municipality is to draft the vision of the development of Durres 2030, in function of its territory and to orientate the socio-economic development by efficiently utilizing the economic potential of the territory and environmental and social resources at the service of the citizens of Durres, business stakeholders and other interest groups.

This initiative was undertaken by Mr. Vangjush Dako, Mayor of Durres Municipality, and in this process the Municipality is assisted by the Cooperation and Development Institute – CDI, under the leadership of Mr. Ardian Hackaj.

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