Third Transnational Meeting of Ports as driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm Project
December 17, 2018
Call for a Research Expert in the areas of Chapters 23 and 24
January 2, 2019

21 December 2018

In the framework of the project “Leaving, landing, returning: yesterday, today, tomorrow”, which is being implemented by the Cooperation and Development Institute in partnership with Unisco (Italy), Leonik Tomeo High School (Durrës) and ISS Pietro Sette (Bari) we organized an exhibition with students of “Leonik Tomeo” Gymnasium on December 18 in Durrës. The aim of the exhibition was to share memories from the past related to emigration via artistic creations and designs. The students had the opportunity to share with us cards, postcards, photographs, objects and gifts received from their family, which revealed real stories experienced by them and their relatives.

Students, parents, the school Principal, representatives from the Education Directorate in Durres and local media attended the meeting. The activity aimed to raise young people’s awareness on the characteristics of the Albanian migration phenomenon and encourage debate and analysis on the ways of transmitting migration stories from personal and family to social level through the written and visual media.

This activity promoted in the local media in Durres. For more click here.

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