Youth Activity in Durrës
December 11, 2018
“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” Exhibition, Durrës
December 21, 2018

December 17, 2018

Cooperation and Development Institute, Project Partner of ‘Ports as driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm’ (PoWER) Project, participated in its Third Transnational Meeting in Sarajevo, December 11 and 12, 2018.

The two days meeting was dedicated to discuss the current state of art of project activities and developments about data gathering and analysis of energy efficiency in the 6 pilot ports – the selected pilot port for Albania is the Port of Durrës. The first day Project Partners discussed on the to be launched Call for Solutions and Gaming Sessions, two activities that aim to address the Ports’ energy oriented Needs through innovative ideas and business plans by engaging businesses, researchers, universities and high schools. During the second day of the Third Transnational Meeting, the partners focused on the concrete steps to be followed during these creative process of collecting ideas and solutions.

PoWER Project aims at supporting the ports to evolve into Innovation Hubs in the energy sector, by addressing the unexplored entrepreneurial potential of the key-actors of the Innovation Supply Chain (ISC) and fostering their further collaboration. The Project will elaborate a Methodology that will facilitate the ISCs collaboration as well as form an Innovation Hub Network (IHN). Cooperation and Development Institute will soon post detailed information regarding the open Call for Solutions and its participation criteria.

For more information on the project you can consult its website and social media channels.


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