About CDI

Who we are

Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI) is a Think Tank based in Tirana – Albania. Established in 2000, CDI is a politically independent, not for profit and non-governmental organization. Our mission is to improve the quality of public policy with open and fact-based research, analysis, inclusive debate, and targeted outreach and advocacy.

Through applied research, round-tables, forums, publications and other public events, CDI promotes a unique discussion fora for professionals and citizen interested and working in improving the quality of evidence-based policy making in Albania and in the WB6 region.

Our work is organized under three programmes areas, addressing the key challenges facing Albania and the Western Balkans region.

  1. Good Governance
  2. EU and Connectivity
  3. Youth and Society

For a detailed view on the details of all the activities and initiatives implemented and / or under implementation under each of the CDI’s programmes, please click here.


What we do

We provide insights on Good Governance Reforms, EU Enlargement, Regional Cooperation, and Connectivity in the Western Balkans, through:

  • Innovative research projects, and publications;
  • Different fora dedicated to knowledge sharing and debates, such as the yearly “Tirana Connectivity Forum”, or to regional cooperation such as “Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform”
  • Creation of knowledge repositories available to WB6 citizen and any other stakeholder of WB6 reforms and Enlargement process, such as: “ShtetiWeb”, “Observatory of Regional Integration” and “Connect with EU”.


Organizational Structure

CDI is established according to the Albanian Law for Non-Profit organizations. Its governance structure is defined by its Statute, and composed by the Board of Directors, the Head of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. The Board of Directors decides on strategy, adopts the annual programme and yearly financial statements. It appoints the Executive Director.

The Director takes over all responsibility for the overall management of the organization, financial and human resources included. CDI staff is organized into management, research and administrative sections. Externally-contracted specialists join regularly the CDI permanent staff, as per the needs of different projects and initiatives.

CDI uses the services of internationally recognized external auditors for the audit of its yearly accounts, as well as for special projects as and if required by and agreed with the respective donor.


Annual Performance Report

In line with the Albanian Law 25/2018 “On Accounting and Financial Statements”, CDI publishes its APR.

APR 2019

APR 2020