EU and Connectivity

EU and Connectivity

As Albania moves forward in its EU integration path, the process so far has underlined the need for the active engagement of all actors from different sectors. Institutional Governance, Connectivity and Regional Cooperation have emerged as the cornerstones of such an endeavor.

“EU and Connectivity” Programme encourages stakeholders to engage actively in the EU integration related reforms and processes. Through regular research based analysis and events CDI supports:

  • an increase of the multi-level governance body of knowledge on the EU accession process;
  • a systematic and constructive debate, networking and advocacy aimed at anchoring Albania and the region to the EU

In an ever changing environment, stronger relations between WB6 and European institutions, increased peer-to- peer scrutiny, sector integration, involvement of WB6 peers to selected EU fora, higher and better inclusiveness, or conditionality based on integrity compliance require an institutionalized connectivity between European and WB6 institutions.

Since 2015, CDI organizes Tirana Connectivity Forum. The Forum aims to monitor the progress of connectivity initiatives and create a stimulating platform that generates new ideas and concrete policy recommendations regarding connectivity and its contribution to the Enlargement and WB6 reforms.

CDI has first-hand expertise on IPA programs and IPA project implementation. It has a large network of partners in the country, in the Western Balkans region and in EU.

Since 2016, CDI is a member of the National Council of European Integration, the highest national advisory structure supporting and monitoring European Integration process established by the Albanian Parliament.



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