Observatory of Regional Cooperation (ORC) is a platform dedicated to the observation, collection of empirical data, analysis and promotion of regional cooperation in the South East Europe.

ORC contributes to the promotion, strengthening and sustainability of the initiatives of regional cooperation carried on, not only by the civil society organizations, but also by other societal actors, as well as state-related structures and institutions.

By increasing the visibility, the transparency, providing appropriate information, by disseminating it via the web, and by producing factual analysis, ORC will provide very useful information to organizations seeking to enter or which are already engaged in regional activities. It will also contribute to the policy making process by making available empirical information organised by country, sector, cost, form of legal entity, etc. on the state of affairs of the existing cooperation initiatives.

ORC comprises the following sections:

· Regional Cooperation Initiatives (RCI) Database: a database of currently 57 active regional cooperation initiatives involving at least two South East Europe Six countries;

· ORC Library: a library of studies and publications on EU enlargement and regional cooperation in the South East Europe.

The list of initiatives which were included in the initial RCI database as a result of the respective research conducted by CDI in 2015, is subject to a review following the monitoring conducted in 2020. In fact, 16 RCIs result being no longer active at least since January 2019. These initiatives can be consulted here.