Launch event of the Observatory for Regional Integration
March 6, 2015
“Albanians and the European Social Model” Conference
March 11, 2015

For the first time in the context of Territorial & Administrative Reform and in the framework of the dldp programme supported by the Swiss Government, presented the results of the socio-economic analysis of the six local units that will form the new municipality of Durrës (Durrës, Manëz , Ishëm, Katund i Ri, Sukth and Rrashbull). Directors of the departments of the six units, local units leaders, business representatives, civil society representatives and teachers and students from the University Aleksander Moisiu were among more than 50 participants. Invited to Forum was also the newly appointed Director of the Agency of Territorial Reform, Mr. Artan Shkembi.

Discussions focused on the strategic role of the new municipality of Durres, on the need for structured information on new municipalities, manufacturing & service structure of the new municipality and priority sectors, the importance of coordination with the central government in strategic investments, and on opportunities that the reform will provide to the citizens. At the end a list of 31 projects identified by the team was presented, with the aim of strengthening the link between the six units.

The socio-economic framework was completed by a presentation of Prof. Afrim Krasniqi from the Albanian Institute of Political Studies (in coordination with on the preliminary results of the survey on perceptions of citizens of the District of Durres.

The two studies will be published soon in e-book format.


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