Workshop “Energy Transition and Challenges for a Free and Integrated Electricity Market: The Case of Albania”.

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April 8, 2019
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April 25, 2019

9 April 2019

Workshop “Energy Transition and Challenges for a Free and Integrated Electricity Market: The Case of Albania”. 

On Tuesday, April 9th , 2019, a workshop on “Energy Transition and Challenges for a Free and Integrated Electricity Market: the Case of Albania” was organized by the Italian Embassy in Albania, the Italian Trade Agency ITA, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Albania CCIA and Confindustria Albania, in collaboration with the Cooperation and Development Institute.

The event presented the main topics and results of the reactivation of the Energy Roundtable at the Italian Embassy and encouraged a constructive dialogue between Italian, Albanian and international institutions, different authorities and private actors, taking into account the challenges and future opportunities of Albania on issues of regional energy interconnection and the liberalization of the national electricity market. The event took place in the energy transition framework, in line with the sectoral priorities of the European Union and with the main conclusions of the Trieste Summit in July 2017, as part of the Berlin process.

This activity was attended by the Italian Ambassador Alberto Cutillo, the Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Eduard Shalsi, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Ilir Bejtja, representatives of the most important Italian and Albanian institutions and companies as well as important European organizations including ARERA, GME and TERNA from Italy, ERE, OSHEE, OST, AEE from Albania, Vienna Energy Community Secretariat, EBRD, AREA, CCIA, Confindustria Albania and FIAA.

“The strengthening of the regional energy connectivity, the progressive integration with the European energy market and the participation of Albania, thanks to the realization of the TAP pipeline, in the area of ​​global energy interconnections, are both great opportunities and the ever-increasing challenge for the country. Albania can overcome these challenges and succeed only with the full involvement of all stakeholders, through the steps that are guided by respecting fundamental principles such as inclusiveness, transparency and respect for legal provisions “said Ambassador Cutillo during the workshop.

While outlining the prospects and requirements of Italian entrepreneurship in Albania, Giordano Gorini, Deputy Chairman of DHTISH and Confindustria Albania in charge of the energy sector, added that “investments in the energy sector in Albania, mainly renewable energy, are concretely feasible with the condition that thenorms and tariffs are integrated in accordance with the European standards within an enlarged regional market. This would create the conditions for new investments that would respond to the country’s development needs.”

The workshop was closed by the Director of the ICE Agency Office Tirana, Elisa Scelsa, who stated that “the joint organization of these initiatives is part of the work of the Enterpreneurship System Mission since February 2018, where among the primary sectors is exactly the energy sector. The energy sector is key to the future of the Albanian economy. To absorb new foreign investments, the country must necessarily implement the structural reforms already undertaken within its energy policy and in terms of improving the business climate in the country”.


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