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June 8, 2015
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October 8, 2015
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July 2015

Workforce analysis of water and sewage companies


Governance, Public Policy, Economy

The factsheet “Workforce analysis of 57 Water & Sewage Companies” has been prepared by Cooperation and Development Institute with the support of Austrian Development Cooperation. Some of the main findings of the research are:
– 5,783 employees work for Water & Sewage Companies. In the six months there has been an increase of 4.44%;
– The average age is 48.2 years old and 35% of the employees are over 55 years old;
– 4500 employees share 19 job titles out 130 job titles that are in total;
– 20% of the employees have studied Agronomy related subjects;
– the bigger and the more urban they are, the companies look alike regarding their internal organisation and impact of HR in their technical profile & financial results;
– only 27 companies have an organogram.

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