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Factsheet of Workforce analysis of water and sewage companies
July 8, 2015
Internal Democracy in Albanian Political Parties
October 14, 2015
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Durres Functional Area Programme


Decentralization, Local Development, Economy, Society

The new Municipality of Durres rather than a local unit of the Republic of Albania, is a center where economic and social interactions for the whole country are networked and joined. With 85% of active companies, the totality of the administrative centers of main public enterprises at regional level (and some at country level, such as the Port of Durres or Albanian Railways), and 65% of the population, the administrative unit of Durres (current municipality) is clearly the dominant unit of the new Municipality, incomparable with the socio-economic strength of the other five units.

This analysis allows us to understand that the economic structure of the New Municipality of Durres in order to be consistent, should be oriented toward clusters of enterprises, which are actively affected by the strategic support policy from the central government (much more than the Municipality).

Regarding to the public services of the New Municipality, our attention is drawn by two main groups: direct administrative public services to citizens, such as civil services, and public services to the context surrounding the citizen, such as waste management, water and sanitation, etc. In the first case, during 2015-2016 the New Municipality will have as primary challenge maintaining the quality and network service at the same level at least as before the RAT.

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