Monitoring Economic Governance and Connectivity

Donor: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – Regional Office

Year: 2015

European Union new approach to the Western Balkans involves credible reform programmes, economic governance and enhanced monitoring by the EU. This is aimed at transformation to functioning market economies, which enables Western Balkans to cope with competitive pressures and market forces within the Union, including boosting competitiveness, growth and jobs. The connectivity agenda for the Western Balkans (Berlin Process) aims to secure a region wide commitment to creating physical, political and economic links between the Western Balkan countries. To maximize the potential benefits, this initiative will need to be fully supported by national governments which are expected to align their national investment plans and priorities with those of the connectivity agenda for the Western Balkans.

This project will aim the translation of the connectivity agenda from regional to national levels, understand and document potential benefits of the connectivity agenda. In that process, the Foreign Policy Initiative BiH will act as a hub for the research activity that will follow the activities stemming from the connectivity agenda on the national levels.

The project working group main task is to monitor implementation of the Economic Governance and Connectivity 2020 deadlines, benchmarks set by the EC and other international institutions.