Internal Democracy in Albanian Political Parties

Duration of the project: March – September 2014

Partners: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, AIIS, IDM, ACFR, Albanian Media lnstitute

The development of the democratic processes in a society is closely related to the functioning of the internal democracy of the political parties. The aim of this initiative is to observe and evaluate the democratic processes within the three main Albanian parties.

CDI has identified and selected the appropriate indicators that measure the democracy level within the parties such as: correct elections, knowledge and implementation of the party’s Statute, membership participation in the decision-making, transparency, funding, representation of different groups, etc. As part of the methodology, a questionnaire will be prepared based on the identified indicators. The questionnaire will serve as a base for carrying out 300 interviews with members of the three main parties in all the regions of Albania. The interviewed members are divided based on the specific weight of each party in the respective region, with 70 % of them belong to the basis and 30 % to leading structures.

The results of these interviews will be analyzed, presented to partners of the initiative and relevant stakeholders. A final report will be prepared, published and presented to the public.