Support to Regional Development Planning in Region of Fier, Berat, Korce and Lezhe

Donor: Albanian Development Fund / World Bank

Main Objective:

Creating and enhancing the local authorities’ capacity in regional development planning on a Region level. The main objective is to define and apply one model in some pilot areas and by comparing common results, be able to define conditions to promulgate it on a large scale.


  1. Based on the existing legislation and normatives in effect, to verify district mandates and statuses, also to identify the needs for important information.
  2. To select 4 pilot areas supporting a minimum of 4 Regions based on the above criteria and take the proposal and analysis on the advantages of each option for approval to ADF (Albanian Development Fund) before work begins in the selected areas. The 4 regions selected by ADF are Fier, Berat, Korçë dhe Lezhë.
  3. To define polls and to elaborate data strategy in order to obtain the main information components based on the required criteria listed on point 1) and in compliance with the schedule agreed in the contract.
  4. To support the organization of a workshop in Tirana where local authorities and ONG’s will be introduced with the institutional context, main objective and study methodology.
  5. To gather any relevant secondary information to the selected pilot areas including topographic maps (BTM);
  6. Conducting polls
  7. The use of BTM and configuration of main characteristics found in methodology on thematic maps;
  1. To organize in each district a closing workshop, reassuring the participation of all decision makers, actors and other human resources. The workshop main objectives will be discussing on polls outcomes and introducing imperative scenarios/priorities to all aspects of regional development.
  2. To present a final report on conclusions aiming at priority actions to be undertaken to enhance and expand the capacity of regional developing policies in the pilot areas nationwide, if a second phase is needed.