Leaving, landing, returning yesterday today, tomorrow

Supporter: Puglia Region

Project Partners:

UNISCO, Network per sviluppo locale (IT)

Cooperation and Development Institute (AL)

IPSIA High School, Bari (IT)

Leonik Tomeo High School, Durres (AL)

Project Duration: May 2018 – May 2019

Cooperation and Development Institute is the Albanian partner of the project “Leaving, landing, returning: yesterday, today, tomorrow”. This project aims to promote the culture of human rights by creating a laboratory model for the promotion of interculture dialogue among high school teachers and students.

Almost 70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, too often the rights sanctioned by the Charter are still to be conquered. Indeed, for numerous rights, such as the right to emigrate and return to your country (art. 13-15 of the Declaration), we can notice several steps backward. Therefore, the students of two selected schools in two areas strongly affected by migratory phenomena as Bari and Durres, will work on the migration topic which has affected the past and which still affects the present.

To promote the culture of human rights, an extra-curricular course will be conceived that will be implemented in the two schools. It will dig into the history of the two countries to find there the right understanding of the migration phenomena, throgh the students’ perspectives and opinions.


  • To raise awareness among students on the right to emigrate and return to their country, to find protection from persecution and wars and to be entitled to citizenship (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).
  • Deconstructing the narration of the media on the topic through the comparison between the life stories of the migrants of yesterday and of today.
  • Promotion of active dialogue among students on the promotion of human rights culture, and in particular on the right to emigrate, through the development of audio-visual contents.
  • To create a model of intercultural awareness.

More information during the project implementation will be made available at this link.