Monitoring the migration to Germany 2014-2016, and returnee reintegration context

Supporting Partner: Hanns Seidel Foundation

Period: February –December 2017

This project aims to provide a general overview on the migration phenomenon of Albanian asylum-seekers in Germany during 2014-2016, and the reintegration status and respective policies carried out up-to-date in Albania.

Cooperation and Development Institute will conduct the following tasks:

  • Desk research & in-depth interviews (including qualitative sources and interviews/focus groups);
  • Assessment of individual migration cases from Albania to Germany and back;
  • Identification and analysis of the push and pull factors which condition migration to Germany;
  • Mapping of institutional, policy & legal context of re-integration in Albania;
  • Monitoring of reintegration measures and specific target-groups;
  • Preparation of recommendations for reintegration stakeholders.