“ShtetiWeb” is a flagship initiative established and supported by Cooperation and Development Institute. This portal focuses on the Albanian State since its independence in 1912, and on the achievements and challenges of state transformation and democratic processes. The site is built on four main pillars: Public Institutions, Public Policy, Public Administration and Public Finance, which are treated as an interconnected transmission gear mechanism governance process. This process is realized through public policies which are designed and implemented by state institutions. So, Public Policies are the State in action. This is the perspective chosen by ShtetiWeb: to present the state in action.

For each state notion a respective category, including sub-divisions is established. Explanatory texts with relevant definitions are provided to explain the competencies, organization and operation methods, the relevant legal framework, etc. The texts mostly have a general content, with concrete illustrations for the Albanian case.

Two other important sections of ShtetiWeb are those related to Public Policy and State Reform. The main Public Policies implemented in our country after 90’s are grouped through special dossiers. Each Dossier in this column contains working papers, strategies, programs, relevant plans and other indicators or statistical data that belong to the relevant policy. In the State’s Reforms column the major reforms are included, whose approval require a qualified majority. This refers to reforms such as the constitutional, parliamentary, judicial system, and electoral. Where applicable, comparison with similar reforms carried out in other democratic countries is also presented. This column includes also recommendations by relevant international institutions.

A unique feature in Shtetiweb is the presentation of the Albanian State History. Here, in a chronological order and synthetic way main data related to the history of the Albanian state from 1912 to the present days are presented. Reports of historical debates held in the Albanian Parliament are grouped under the title “The Great Debates”. Another section is dedicated to the European integration process of Albania and its dynamics.

ShtetiWeb gives a special importance to the academic function of information classified on this site. For this reason, the lectures of most prestigious Albanian teachers and professors are published in order to ensure transfer of knowledge on the most important state governance aspects.

Shtetiweb has also a library, where you can find analysis and opinions, authentic documents, texts of main laws, books, articles, studies and state publications references that bring the necessary knowledge on this complex subject. The library does not only serve as a file to find the requested materials, but it allows the consultation of the required material just by clicking on its title.

ShtetiWeb is a virtual library offering up to date information on the State building and functioning in Albania.