Window on Europe

Partners: Cooperation and Development Institute, SCAN TV

Year: 2013

CDI and TV SCAN have started in 22 March 2013 the bi-weekly TV emission “Window on Europe” in collaboration with Mr. Enio Civici, the manager of the daily “Argument+” TV programme. The goal of this collaboration is to provide an analytic view of the developments in Europe that affect Albania, explain and comment them for a maximum of understanding and impact for the interested spectator.

This TV programme airs every second Wednesday at 19.10 hours, lasts 45 minutes, is in the form of questions and answers and it is built around four pillars. Initially the main events affecting EU and the Eurozone are mentioned and commented, then the situation in a selected EU member state is analyzed; the emission continues with an economic concept illustrated with case-studies; and ends with miscellaneous facts and developments that may interest the viewers.

Below you can find the TV programme videos:

–   Argument Plus – 22 Mars 2013,

–  Argumet Plus – 29 Maj 2013.