Consulting Center for People in Need

Donor: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (AL)

Period: September 2000-March 2001

General objective of the project is the establishment of a Consulting Center for People in Need in Laprakë. The main project objectives are:

  • Offering social services for families of different age groups especially elders.
  • Offering career counseling for unemployed people of this area.
  • Offering assistance and legal counseling for people lacking in experience or knowledge to solve their problems independently.
  • Offering direct help to integrate seniors, women and unemployed in the new environment.
  • Working on its national long term goal: encouraging people to address their concerns to professional centers and benefit from the In-Home supportive services on daily basis.

Project result:

Center’s units are:

  • Information center
    • Legal assistance office
    • Social support office
    • Help and medical assistance office for elders
    • Career information
    • Library services
    • Regular subscription to newspapers and magazines

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