Assessment of the Anti-Corruption inter-institutional cooperation

Supporting Partner: Hanns Seidel Foundation

Period: February – December 2017

The goal of the project is to assess the extent and effectiveness of the inter-institutional cooperation in the fight against corruption. The research that will be carried out will focus on the institutional framework in place in Albania and the interaction between the involved institutions in charge of prevention, punishment of corruption and anti-corruption awareness raising.

The following activities will be implemented:

  • Elaboration of a research methodology (qualitative research, including focus groups / interviews with main involved institutions in Albania);
  • Assessment of the anti-corruption legal and institutional context, including a specific focus on the changes introduced by the justice reform and respective legal packages;
  • Analysis of the interaction of cooperation among involved institutions, with a special focus on the Inter-sectorial Strategy against Corruption 2015-2020 and the various Memorandums of Understandings;
  • Analysis of case studies on successful/not-successful inter-institutional cooperation in the fight against corruption;
  • Elaboration of recommendations.

The final research paper will be published and presented in a public event gathering the main stakeholders interested and working with rule of law and good governance initiatives and policies.