Promoting Connectivity of Internet Broadband in the Accursed Mountain Border Area

Duration of the project: January 2014 – September 2015

Donor: EU Delegation to Albania/ IPA CBC Albania-Montenegro Programme

The project “Promoting Connectivity of Internet Broadband in the Accursed Mountain Border Area” is financed by EU funded IPA CBC Programme Albania-Montenegro 2007-2013 and is intended to provide a development framework and establish best examples on how to bridge the digital divide and support the socio-economic development the Accursed Mountains / Bjeshkët e Nëmuna / Prokletije area. Local communities including government structures, businesses and citizens will benefit from the availability of Internet broadband services in both their day-to-day business activity and in the quality of life benefits that access affords to citizens. This initiative will promote and improve the local understanding of contribution of the broadband in the socio-economic development of the eligible area in the most adapted sectors and through a cost-benefit analysis.

Other partners of the project are: Ministry for Innovation and Public Administration (Albania), Ministry for Telecommunications and Information Society (Montenegro), and the organization “Argjiro” (Albania).

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