Good Economic Governance for the Improvement of the Investment Climate in Albania

Donor: GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)

Period: May – September 2016

In the framework of the project “Good Economic Governance for the Improvement of the Investment Climate in Albania/ProInvest”, CDI will carry out the assignment “Mapping of the FDI supporting Programmes in Albania”.

The main objective of this assignment is to support the Government of Albania in developing more comprehensive supporting programmes and incentive mechanisms for investors.

CDI will conduct the following activities:

  • Mapping of all the current fiscal and non-fiscal incentive mechanisms in Albania available to foreign investors.
  • Regional analysis of support programmes and implementation mechanism in 4 countries (Serbia, FYROM, Croatia and Slovenia).
  • Review of the existing potentials in the Albanian landscape, such as existing legal framework, legal programmes, institutional procedures, fiscal measures or financial support for investment activities.
  • Summarize the above incentives as per different typologies of strategic sectors and as per their nature (legal, institutional, fiscal and financial incentives).
  • Provide recommendations on: i) adoption of regional best practices, ii) consolidation potentials of the existing landscape in Albania, and iii) development of a methodology for measuring the effectiveness of FDI support programmes in Albania.